Topic outline

Introduction video

Do We Know What We Really Mean by Health

Alex Jadad, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Innovator and founder of the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, discusses his thoughts around what health really means at Transform 2012, sponsored by the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation.

Lesson 1: HTA Principles and Practices: Key definitions

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Learning outcomes of this lesson:
  • Understand the key definitions and guiding principles of HTA. 

  • Understand the major use of HTA. 

  • Describe the difference between HTA bodies and regulatory authorities. 

Lesson 2: The Role of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in health systems

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Learning outcomes of this lesson:
  • The role of HTA in health systems
  • Describe the principles for decision making
  • Describe the rights that govern HTA proceedings
  • Describe the composition of an HTA commitee, including patients


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