Topic outline


Lesson 1: Quantitative and qualitative research in support of HTA

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Lesson 2: Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) assessment

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Learning outcomes of this lesson:
Lesson 2
  • Understand the principles of Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Understand the practical application and importance of Patient Reported Outcomes in developing evidence for health technologies
  • Understand where and how patients can apply these to the HTA process and formulary decision in their country

Lesson 3: Health Related Quality of Life assessment

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Learning outcomes of this lesson:
Lesson 3
  • Understand HRQoL as a sub-set of PRO concepts
  • Understand the main approaches to measuring HRQoL
  • Know the main domains and understand the methods of measuring HRQoL
  • Understand the limitations of current approaches and potential alternatives


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