1.3 Examples of HTA bodies in Europe and other tasks

Examples of HTA bodies in Europe and other tasks

Table 2: Sample HTA bodies structure and funding arrangements

Example HTA bodies       Year    Funder    Decision-Maker

Basque Office for Health Technology Assessment

   1992    Public    Regional
2. Hayes, Inc. USA

   1989    Private    Various
3. Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in
Health Care (SBU), Sweden

   1987    Public    National-Regional
4. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

   1999    Public    National – regional
   England, Scotland
   and Wales
5. Institut für Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit im
Gesundheitswesen  (Institute for Quality and
Efficiency in Healthcare) (IQWiG), Germany

   2004    Public    Federal
6. Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS), France    2004    Public    Federal

Some examples of HTA bodies in Europe include:

In addition to their main role of producing HTA recommendations a number of HTA bodies in the EU and Norway perform at least one of the other tasks as shown in an overview in the following table, adapted from the EC study 2018.

Table 3. Other tasks performed by national HTA bodies