Topic outline

  • Trial Participants' Rights and Obligations

    This topic deals with the rights and obligations of research participants, in the framework of clinical research. The role of patient organisations before and during the trial, and more precisely during the enrolment and retention phases, will also be discussed. The difficulty to recruit and retain participants is one of the major problems that clinical research faces.
  • Trial Participants: Informed Consent, Good Clinical Practice and Patient Involvement

  • Compensation and Reimbursement to Trial Participants

    Although not always standard, it is customary in many clinical studies that participants receive some form of compensation for their participation. This may take the form of money, the reimbursement of travel expenses, food or food vouchers, or other services. This lesson will introduce the current standards for such compensation, and prompt you to think about a few key aspects such as ethics, questions around vulnerable populations, and the involvement of different stakeholders.
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