About this course

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the differences between HTA, regulatory and patients’ purposes and interests.
  • Describe which domains should be included in a standard HTA
  • Understand the use of different outcome measures in HTA
  • Understand the synthesis of clinical research data
  • Understand the principles and standard approaches to economic evaluation
  • Understand which information contributes to cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Understand how purpose and perspectives impact HTA
  • Understand the differences between medical outcomes and societal effect and ethical issues in HTA
  • Understand the legal aspects and implications of HTAs

clinical effectiveness | evaluation | HTA Core Model | domains | outcomes | synthesise | economic | evaluation | cost | cost-savings |  clinical effectiveness  | ELSI | ethical implications | societal implications  | legal implications | clinical outcome | ethical analysis

Duration: 8 hours


Start date: 13/08/20

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