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Registration for the 2023-2024 Patient Expert Training Programme is now closed.
Registration for the 2024-2025 Programme will open next summer

What is the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme?

The EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme is a training programme about the medicines’ development process. It covers the entire lifecycle of medicines research and development (R&D) (see roadmap here), from design and execution of research projects and clinical trials to regulatory processes and Health Technology Assessment (HTA). In addition to detailed information on each step of the process, the training also describes how patients can be involved at each stage.

The overall objective of the programme is to obtain a thorough understanding of the medicines R&D process, the patients’ role within and build capacity among the patient community to take on an active role in collaboration with the other involved stakeholders.

Graduates of the EUPATI Patient Expert Programme (sometimes also referred to as EUPATI Fellow Programme) are also known as EUPATI Fellows or Alumni. The EUPATI Fellow title certifies the knowledge gained and gives graduates the opportunity to be recognised as expert patients.

Who can participate?

While the programme is mainly addressed to patients and patient representatives (e.g., careers and persons working for patient organisations), it is open to all individuals interested in medicines R&D and patient engagement.

The programme does not focus on any specific disease area examples and case studies are provided from a variety of different disease areas.

The only requirement for enrolment is a good proficiency of English, as the training is provided in English.

Programme Timeline


Registration Process

Everyone is welcome to participate and register for the programme. Registration for the 2023-2024 Patient Expert Training Programme is now closed. Registration for the 2024-2025 Programme will open next summer

ese Programme Guidelines in full. To register, fill in the registration form. We will ask you to fill in some details and confirm that you wish to participate in EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme. By clicking on 'submit’ you will consent to Programme Guidelines as outlined in this document.  

Please read the full Patient Expert Training Programme Guidelines 2023-2024 before you register to the programme.

How is the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme structured?

The programme is a blended training in which participants take 6 online modules (containing 27 courses in total) and attend 2 face-to-face events (1 virtual and 1 in-person). Completing the full programme usually takes 12-14 months.

While the courses and modules can be taken in any order, learners need to have completed the modules Getting Started, Introduction to Medicines R&D, Non-Clinical Development, Clinical Development before the 1st training event and Regulatory Affairs and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) before the 2nd event.

For more information on the individual courses included in each of the learning modules, please consult Patient Expert Training Programme online course catalogue.

! Completing an online course means passing the assessment for each of the individual courses with 70% or higher of correct answers.

! Completing an online module means all courses within a module have been completed with a successful assessment.

! Completing the training events means reading the training material (sent 1 month in advance of the training date) and attending fully both 4-day programmes as well as active participation in breakout sessions.

Absences in training events are tolerated up to 4 hours over the 4-day Programme. Longer absences and absences for medical reasons need be communicated in a timely manner to EUPATI and justified.

Information events

Here you can download the document Patient Expert Training Program Events

Please see below the dates for the two EUPATI Expert Patient Training events, Cohort 2023-24.

Event 1 (online): Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 + Monday 15 & Tuesday 16 April 2024. 

Event 2  (face to face): Monday 21 October to Thursday 24 October 2024, location still to be determined.

IMPORTANT Registered participants are required to complete the first part of the programme before attending the first face-to-face event and to complete the second part of the programme before attending the second face-to-face event and graduation. Not completing the required online learning modules before the training events will result in removing the participant from the ongoing cohort. In such cases, placement on the list for the following cohort can be requested by the participant. Such requests will be reviewed and approved on case-by-case basis.

How much does Patient Expert Training Programme cost?

The costs of the programme are divided in 2 parts:

1. Online learning courses: invoice

Upfront payment of EUR 208 (incl. VAT): corresponding to an 8 EUR fee for each of the 26 courses (1 online course is free of charge). Invoicing: EUPATI will issue an invoice for each participant registered for the Patient Expert Training programme. Completing the payment will ensure participant’s placement in the programme.  In case of participants having completed some parts of the online modules already, invoices for the remaining fees will be issued.

2. Face-to-face events: personal expense

First training event: there are no costs for participants for the first virtual face-to-face event.

Second training event: participants must cover their transportation and accommodation and meals.

Financial Support

Participants are encouraged to contact their patient organisations or their EUPATI national platforms for information about possible avenues for financial support.

Financial support by EUPATI will be made available to cover the costs of travel and accommodation for the in-person training event to a limited number of participants who can prove an economic need or are not able to receive financial support from a patient organisation.

Detailed Timeline for Patient Expert Training Programme 2023-2024

Cancellation/Change Policy

Programme costs are non-refundable. However, participant can request to be placed on the next year’s cohort. Such requests to withdraw from current programme cohort and be placed on the next year’s programme will be reviewed and approved on case-by-case basis. Trainees can request to be placed in the next cohort only once, after this the normal registration procedure applies. 

EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme =  EUPATI Fellow Programme

In EUPATI Open Classroom context, EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme is referred to as EUPATI Fellow Programme. It is important to note that EUPATI Fellow program is in no way connected to any kind of fellowships and/or stipends. 

What is a EUPATI fellow?

Graduates of the EUPATI Patient Expert Programme (EUPATI Fellow Programme) are also known as EUPATI Fellows or Alumni.

What does the programme enable you to do?

The Alumni are active in e.g. patient organisations and providing advice to industry, regulators and HTA bodies. Additionally, they can also get engaged in producing and reviewing new training and toolbox content for EUPATI, participating in EUPATI events (webinars, workshops and Patient Expert Training), and even co-delivering EUPATI trainings.

Listen to the following Podcast to learn more!

PodcastEUPATI · EUPATI Fellow testimonial  

Are there any grades?  

Learner’s activity in Open Classroom is not graded but all the required courses must be completed. By completing these we mean taking and successfully passing the assessments after each course (the assessment is an evaluation to test the knowledge gained after finalising the learning materials of the online course). You need to reach at least 70% of correct answers to pass the Assessment. There are no Assessments during the training events, but active participation is mandatory.  

How about mentoring and networking?  

The EUPATI Secretariat can provide some mentoring support for Learners invested in completing the full Programme, via e.g., webinars and email support. There is also a possibility to start interacting with other Learners and form ‘study groups’ (this is optional and only available upon mutual consent to share contact details).  

Why is it important to attend the training events to become a EUPATI Fellow? 

During these events learners engage in practical exercises led by representatives from the multi-stakeholder EUPATI Faculty. Also, the events are a great opportunity for participants to meet with each other, to interact, network and share experiences and learnings within the group.  

Registration timeline and current information

Your registration is required. Registration for the 2023-2024 Patient Expert Training Programme is now close. Registration for the 2024-2025 Patient Expert Training Programme will open next summer.

 What our learners say


'I enrolled in the EUPATI course because I considered that it was an excellent opportunity to educate myself about medicines research and development so that I would be able to 'sit at the table' and engage with relevant stakeholders in my ultra-rare disease. The EUPATI course provided me with the motivation, knowledge and confidence to establish a charity to support and advocate on behalf of patients. It also provided me with an extensive network of fellow patient advocates who continue to be a source of support, advice and collaboration 7 years later.'Maria Piggin, Organisations: PNH Support (England, Wales and Northern Ireland), PNH Global Alliance, EUPATI Fellow (Cohort 1)

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