What is EUPATI?

EUPATI is the European Patients' Academy on Therapeutic Innovation. It's a unique training provider specialized in patient education that offers different training courses and education materials. EUPATI is committed to changing the face of patient engagement through patient education. For more information about EUPATI, please visit here . 

What is EUPATI Open Classroom?

EUPATI Open Classroom is a flexible and on-demand e-learning platform providing courses in medicines research and development, where learners can take the courses online at their own pace and preferred order.   

What is the EUPATI Expert Patient Training Programme? 

In 2015 EUPATI created a pioneering programme called the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme, a unique opportunity that offers patients and patient advocates expert-level training in medicines research and development (R&D). This programme blended independent e-learning coursework with face-to-face training events over a 14-months period. During the 3 completed editions of this training, more than 150 participants graduated and are now patient experts and so-called EUPATI Fellows. 60 trainees are currently enrolled in the 4th edition of the training and will graduate in March 2021.  

What is EUPATI Reload?
EUPATI Reload is a project funded by EIT Health and managed by Bayer, University of Copenhagen and the European Patients' Forum (EPF). It was initiated in January 2020 and focused on transforming the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Course content into short lessons following the format of the popular MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses). This new version of the  programme is now available at EUPATI Open ClassroomThe project will continue in 2021 with three additional partners, Medtronic, Trinity College of Dublin and University of Oxford. More content will be added (e.g. on Regulatory Affairs, HTA, Medical Devices and Digital Health) and the platform will be further developed. 

Why has the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Course changed?
Since the demand and interest for the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Course has grown over the past few years, EUPATI decided to revise the format of the full course and migrated the content to EUPATI Open Classroom platform in order to increase the programme's flexibility and capacity.  

Who is the EUPATI Expert Patient Training Programme for?

It is custom-made for patients, patient advocates, patient representatives and other stakeholders such as people working inpatient engagement activities in the private and/or public sector. 

The content of the EUPATI Patient Expert  Programme has been developed following the Patient Engagement Roadmap, a process model that provides guidance for patient involvement in the different areas of medicines R&D process.  For more on this roadmap, please see here

Why are patient training programmes so important?

Trained patient experts are the core resource for patient involvement in medicines R&D, regulatory deliberations, and other patient engagement initiatives. Patient experts can contribute meaningfully and share their patient experience throughout the entire medicines research and development process. In short, this kind of training  prepares  patient experts to interact with the different stakeholders involved in medicine´s development allowing the people who are most impacted to help drive innovation.  

Who can register for the EUPATI Open Classroom platform?

Participants from anywhere in the world can enrol to the EUPATI Open Classroom  

Can participants select to take part in some of the courses or all?

EUPATI Open Classroom offers a personalised learning pathway and all participants have two alternatives: 

  • acquire in-depth-knowledge in a selection of topics in medicines R&D (pick and complete individual courses)  

  • become a EUPATI Fellow by completing the full programme (complete all courses available at the platform and attend the two training events) 

What is the difference between a guest and a learner?

Guest: is a not registered userA guest can navigate through the platform, explore the learning catalogue and access the content of all courses. However, a guest will not have the option to enrol in the courses and therefore will not be able to do the assessment and earn courses certificates. 

Learner: is a registered user, who has created an account and logged in onto the platform. A learner will have the option to enrol in any course, pay the fee and therefore unlock the assessment functionality and earn course certificates. A registered user has also access to a personalised dashboard and can see the learning progress at a glance.  The learner will also have the opportunity to become a EUPATI Fellow by completing the full programme.  

Is the the full EUPATI Patient Expert Training  Programme available?

Currently, four topics are available at EUPATI Open Classroom  

By end of May  2021, two more topics with their respective courses will be added:  

What is a EUPATI fellow?

Graduates of the EUPATI Patient Expert Programme are also known as EUPATI Fellows. The title certifies the knowledge gained and will give to participants the opportunity to be recognised as expert patients. EUPATI Fellow is a widely well-known label within the patient engagement landscape.  EUPATI fellows are highly sought-after partners by different stakeholders.  

Listen to the following Podcast to learn more!

How can I become a EUPATI Fellow?
  1. Complete all on-line courses of the Open Classroom platform 
  2. Attend two in-person / live stream training events 

How are the in-person / live stream training events organised and who can attend?

Learners must complete the first set of courses corresponding to the following topics:  

After completing these courses, EUPATI will be contacting the learners and inviting them to the first training event. 

To be eligible for the second training event, the learner should complete the remaining courses in the platform corresponding to:  

After the  participant has attended this second and last training event, he /she will receive the EUPATI Patient Expert Programme certificate and will become a EUPATI Fellow.  

What is the cost of the training event?
All training events (in-person and or live streaming) are free for the participants. In case of face-to-face events the participants are asked to cover the transportation and accommodation costs. The next training events are planned for 2022, most likely in Western Europe. 

Why is it important to attend the training events in order to become a EUPATI Fellow?

During these events learners engage in practical exercises led by representatives from the multi-stakeholder EUPATI Faculty. Also, the events are a great opportunity for participants to meet with othersto interact, network and share experiences and learnings within the group. 

Is there a time limit to complete the programme?
Currently, EUPATI does not impose a time limit for completion of the courses or the entire programme.  

Do I have to follow a linear learning pathway? 

No, this is not necessary. The format of this platform is flexible, and you can select courses according to your needs and ambitions. The topics are organised following the various steps of medicines development, and you can start at the beginning or create your own learning pathway.   

How can I structure my learning on the EUPATI Open Classroom?
The programme allows learners to take the courses online on-demand at their own pace and preferred order. However, we advise you to take a look at the 'Patient Engagement Roadmap' on the  Front page  and Learning Catalogue  so, you can get a better understanding of how these courses can be used and reflected in practical terms.  

Why is it important to click on 'enrol me in this course' button? 
Being enrolled in a course means you register for the course. You can keep track of your learning progress and see how you move forward within each course. It is also the only way to unlock the assessment later on. 

What is an assessment?

It is an evaluation to test the knowledge gained after finalising the learning materials of the course.  The assessment of each course has 10 questions. To pass the test, the learner has to correctly answer a minimum of 7 out of 10 questions.   

How much is the fee to unlock an assessment? 

The fee to unlock an assessment is EUR 8 (incl. VAT). This applies for all courses available on the platform.  

How do I get a course certificate?

After the leaner successfullypasses a course assessment, they will receive a course certificate via email. Also, the certificate can be downloaded from the platform at any time. N.B. It is important to enter the correct name and last name in the profile section of the platform at the moment of the registration as the certificate will be generated using the available information. 

What is a badge?

A badge is a recognition of the  knowledge gained. Once you complete all course assessments within your selected topic you will earn a badge.  For each fully completed topic you will earn a new badge.

When is a course completed ? 

The course is completed when the learner:

  • Has paid the fee to unlock the assessment  

  • Earns a passing score 

  • Receives the certificate 

After the steps above are taken, the course will be marked as completed in the platform.  

How much does the full EUPATI Patient Expert Training  Programme cost ? 

The full cost is estimated to amount up to EUR 232 (incl. VAT ). This corresponds to the total cost of all the courses that will constitute the EUPATI Patient Expert Programme, when it is finalised in May 2021. Training events are considered apart of this total cost (for more information please see the events question).

Can I pay the full cost in advance and be enrolled in the full programme?
This option will be available soon, in the meantime please send as an email to info@eupati.eu for more information. 

Am I eligible for discounts?  
EUPATI is still working on discounts, and if you have any queries on this matter, we advise you to contact us via email info@eupati.eu or by clicking on the 'Help' button at the bottom right of your screen. 

What is Stripe?

Stripe payments is a payment processing platform. It allows the user to pay any fee. The platform accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express worldwide cards. Currently the payment functionality is no active yet, users can register in the platform and check the course content, however full enrolment to the different courses will be possible only starting from the end of January 2021.

How will you use the income generated through this platform?  

The income generated by this platform will be invested in organising the face-to-face events that are complementary to the Patient Expert Training Programmeand support development of new content and information on how patients can be involved in medicines R&D as well as other therapeutic innovations.

Is the EUPATI Open Classroom available in different languages?

Currently, the platform and the full programme are only available in English.  

Is the EUPATI Open Classroom platform finalised?

This platform is being continuously improved, and more courses and features will be added during 2021. Also if you have any suggestions on how to improve the navigation and user experience, please drop us a line at info@eupati.eu or use the 'Help' button on the bottom right of your screen.  

Does the platform have accessibility features?

Yes, the website offers text enlargement and high contrast options.  

Can I print out the training content?

Yes, you can right-click on the screen and select the "print" option. The content will be shown on the screen and you can either export it as a PDF or print it. This functionality only works for one page or one 'book', it not possible to print a complete course.

Can I reuse the training materials?

All content produced by EUPATI is protected by a Creative Commons license. For more information about the use of the course material, please read this page. If you have any questions, please send a message to info@eupati.eu before using and/or sharing the content. 

How is the training content produced by EUPATI? 

EUPATI stands for quality, ensuring transparency, accessibility and factual accuracy. The expertise and insights from EUPATI sustaining partners, network members and external advisors are supported by qualitative and quantitative research as well as a systematic literature review conducted by EUPATI prior to content production. EUPATI has also established an independent advisory board. For more information about our content production process, please click here 

What are the advantages and benefits of being trained by EUPATI?

EUPATI is a well-known and established multi-stakeholder partnership that has delivered various trainings for patients and patient representatives since its launch in 2012. The content of this platform has been thoroughly developed by patients, academia, pharmaceutical companies, regulators and HTA bodies. Every course has been reviewed by an Editorial Board, and EUPATI relies now on more than 150 Fellows who have improved their engagement activities since their graduation. For more information about this, please visit here  

How is my personal data protected?

The EUPATI Open Classroom is GDPR compliant, and more information on terms and conditions can be found here.