The EU joint actions on HTA (EUnetHTA Joint Actions) have identified nine domains according to which health technologies are assessed [1] [2]. These domains are reflected in the EunetHTA Core Model [3] that is briefly described in this lesson followed by aspects of HTA that are different for Medical Devices and IVDs compared to medicines.

The EUnetHTA Core Model is described in more detail in HTA Module Course 3, HTA and Evaluation Methods: Quantitative, and Course 4, HTA and Evaluation Methods: Qualitative, of the HTA Module. We recommend that you also familiarise yourself with Course 2 - HTA Bodies and Principles from the HTA Module to get the most out of this lesson.


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[2] Kristensen FB, Lampe K, Wild C, Cerbo M, Goettsch W, Becla L (2017) The HTA Core Model® - 10 Years of Developing an International Framework to Share Multidimensional Value Assessment. Value in Health 20(2):244-250. 

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