Patient Engagement Roadmap

Patient Engagement Roadmap

What is the Patient Engagement Roadmap?

The value of patient involvement in medicines research and development is increasingly recognised by all stakeholders. Unfortunately, limited formal documentation of patient involvement activities hampers the sharing of experience and learnings, preventing timely and systematic implementation. Patient involvement often lacks structure and consistency in approach and happens too late. An end to end, practical guideline is required and the EUPATI Patient Engagement Roadmap, a process model for patient involvement in medicines Research and Development, provides this.

Please see the image above (Source: Geissler, J., Ryll, B., Leto di Priolo, S., Uhlenhopp, M.: Improving Patient Involvement in Medicines Research and Development: A Practical Roadmap. Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science 2017.)

Using the EUPATI Patient Engagement Roadmap

The roadmap highlights specific opportunities for patient involvement along the four key stages of the medicines Research and Development lifecycle and is illustrated with concrete examples. This roadmap’s aim is to provide a tool to facilitate patient involvement during this lifecycle and is being shared to encourage implementation and further refinement. The roadmap intends to stimulate further discussion. All involved parties, academia and pharmaceutical industry, patient organisations and patients, clinicians and researchers, will need to be involved in the identification of strategic patient involvement points and their implementation to maximise the benefit for all stakeholders.