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Our impact

The EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme is a training programme about the medicines’ development process.It covers the entire lifecycle of medicines research and development (R&D).

After completing the training, our trainees are widely recognised as patient experts. The programme has been running since 2015 and more than 330 individuals have graduated. To date, 6 cohorts have completed the training, with cohorts 7 graduating in 2024.

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Patient Expert Training Programme Cohorts 1-7

Who are the EUPATI Fellows?

Our Fellows are graduates of the EUPATI Patient Expert Training ProgrammeThe Programme was originally designed for patients and patient representatives. Today, while it is still mainly addressed to patients and patient representatives, the programme is open to all individuals interested in medicines R&D and patient engagement

The EUPATI Patient Expert Training Programme is available from anywhere in the world. Our Fellows come from different countries, represent various type of disease areas and belong to multi-stakeholders groups. 

Fellows' representation

Download the full document with the information of the Fellows representation (


Creating change

The impact of the EUPATI Patient Expert Training has been significant, shown by the leading roles in the debate on patient involvement in R&D the EUPATI Fellows have taken.

We asked more than 140 EUPATI trainees about the impact of their training with us on their personal and professional development as patient experts.

The study assessed the impact of the training at different levels, from reaction to the course and satisfaction with the training to learning acquired, behavioural change and long-term outcomes and impact.

Study highlights


    Our Fellows highlighted the impact of their training 

    The Alumni engages in lots of activities e.g. advisory roles, act as trainers, involved in health policy advocacy, speak at conferences, start community advisory boards, assist and advise patient organisations, improve informed consent documents, review trial protocols and contribute to trial designs.

    Fellows involvement before and after the training

    Download the full document with information on the impact of the Fellow training 

    What do our Fellows say?

    Testimonials of the Fellows

    * Acknowledgement: We would like to thank Francisca Marques Barata Faria Pinheiro for her contribution to the development of this study.