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Getting started!

In this very short course, you will get started with an overview of medicines research and development.

(1 Course)

Introduction to Medicines R&D

In this introductory module, you will acquire the basic skills and knowledge about medicines research and ...
(6 Courses)

Non-clinical Development

The courses of this module will explain non-clinical studies in detail, the concepts of pharmacogenetics/ge...

(3 Courses)

Clinical Development

This module contains courses on clinical development and trials, including statistics, ethics, the role of ...

(7 Courses)

Regulatory Affairs

The courses in this module will give you an overview on medicines regulation including the different market...
(5 Courses)

Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

The purpose of this module is to introduce you to health technology assessment (HTA). In these courses you ...
(5 Courses)

Medical Devices

The courses in this module will give you an overview on the Medical Devices and their regulatory framework....

(4 Courses)